4 Super QUICK&EASY steps to make banana sushi! Protein-packed little bite-size desserts or a fab afternoon sushi snack that you can customize however you like!



Let’s get creative

It’s not always easy to make something healthy appealing. But if you use a banana, it’s always a-peelin’. Dreadful jokes aside, a banana makes for a tasty snack or even dessert on its own. Sometimes though, we need a little more excitement for that appeal.

That’s where this Banana Sushi comes in. It sure is pretty, isn’t it? It takes minimal effort to make and is completely customizable!

I personally choose pistachio as one of my toppings because they are rich in all the nutrients our body loves so much, nutty flavor, plus they add such a wonderful texture that contrasts with the softness of the banana.

And that color!

Remember, food is a feast for the eyes first and foremost. That delicate green of pistachio gives it a gourmet touch.

I also added chia seeds for another layer of nuttiness. They lend a crunchiness akin to that of poppy seeds. They are loaded with fiber so while a banana as a snack might not do the trick on its own, adding chia seeds to it surely will. I know by now I don’t have to tell you that they’re loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Making this banana sushi an alluring but heart-healthy choice.

The nut butter of your choosing is what will hold all the toppings you lovingly adorn your banana with intact.

Your heart will love this Banana Sushi, and so will your taste buds. And the buds you taste it with! I invited my best friend over for dinner and a movie. As we’re both into keeping good health, I thought it was the perfect time to make this Banana Sushi.

Because it’s so simple to create, we made it together. Chopsticks definitely make the experience though. If you’re not quite good wielding those, Banana Sushi is a good thing to practice it on. Especially when you enjoy them cold.

What I love about this snack is the simplicity and deliciousness of it all. You can even turn this into a party dessert and make a variety of different Banana Sushi offerings. You can use more than pistachio and chia seeds, though I think you’ll love that combination. The possibilities really are endless when you think about it!

For this version all you need is a banana, your fav nut butter, some nuts, seeds or dried fruit to top it off or you can totaly customize your own sushi bites!

Your homemade banana sushi is best served cold with a hot cup of tea. Especially when they are made ahead and can be enjoyed right away as healthy little bite-size desserts or a fab afternoon snack.




2 bananas

2 tablespoons nut butter (any kind will work)

toppings: pistachio nuts, chia seeds, coconut flakes


  1. On a cutting board, chop nuts and coconut flakes into small pieces.

  2. Peel the bananas and spread nut butter on top.

  3. roll the bananas in the toppings, with nut butter side down. Turn banana back up and sprinkle with extra toppings, press slightly into the nut butter to ensure they will stick

  4. Using a sharp knife, evenly slice banana into “sushi” pieces.

  5. Put banana sushi in airtight container (make sure the pieces don't stick to each other) and put container in your freezer. Or put them on a serving plate in your refrigerator.


The tableware is from Kookpunt.




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