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Toast of the town!

Check out the recipe for yourself. The result?

A warm, naturally sweet piece of “toast” that’s buttery soft on the inside and sturdy enough on the outside to hold your favorite toppings. Perfect for a Quick Easy & Delicious lunch! LOVE them for breakfast.

And sometimes for dinner too…




  • Butternut squash
  • Toaster
  • TOPPINGS: Savoury
  • * Avocado + Fresh tomatoes + Salt/Pepper
  • * Tomato Sauce + Shredded Cheese + Basil
  • * Scrambled Eggs + Turkey Bacon
  • * Cream Cheese + Cucumber + Smoked Salmon + Dill
  • Toppings: Sweet
  • * Almond butter + Banana + Cinnamon
  • * Cottage Cheese + Peaches + Sliced Almonds + Honey
  • Greek Yogurt + Berries

1 Choose the right Squash
If you want lovely round toasts like the ones on the pic, you'll want to use the neck (save the bulb for roasting)
Use a squash where the neck is almost as wide as the bulb. Those are the easiest to work with.

2 Cut & Peel
Cut off the bulb and the stem end of the neck. Now stand it up on its end and use a sharp knife to vertically slice off the peel. You're going to see that the extra strength in your arms, you've been doing those push-ups for, comes in handy!

3 Slice into rounds
Now you have a lovely peeled squash that you can lay down and start cutting (With a sharpened knife, these suckers can be tough)

4 Toast 2x
Place rounds into your toaster and turn toastiness level as high as it can go. If you want the edges to turn brown and the middle and feel soft to the touch, do them 2 times for the perfect b'nut toast.

5 Top
Now, for the fun part: TOPPINGS! Here's where you can customize your toast!


As much as you will love these heavenly toasts, a whole Butternut Squash will make a lot of rounds.

Wrap up the ones you don't use and keep them for 3-5 days in the fridge, or up to 3 months in the freezer. So when your craving hits, they'll be ready to go! These also mae a killer substitution for a burger bun.



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