With these easy to prepare little masterpieces, you'll definitely make a big impression this weekend...


Cucumber Wrapped Sushi

This type of sushi is called Gunkan or Gunkan Makiin

Japanese Gunkan (軍艦) meas “battleship” in Japanese, and the name comes from its oval shape.

Typically, gunkan sushi are wrapped around with nori seaweed and has toppings like salmon roe (ikura), sea urchin (uni), and broiled eel (unagi) on them.  As you know, here at Allorefoodies we like to change things up and will give you a fresh and renewed version. Today we used slimming thinly sliced cucumber to wrap around.

With these easy to prepare little masterpieces, you’ll definitely make a big impression…

If you don’t eat raw fish, you can substitute with smoked salmon or let your creativity get loose and easily create your own!



Cucumber Wrapped Sushi

WHAT (15 sushi)
  • 2 Persian/Japanese or English cucumbers
  • 3-4 cups sushi rice or regular Japanese steamed rice
  • TOPPINGS: of your choice
  • 113 g Sashimi grade salmon
  • 113 g Sashimi grade yellowtail
  • 113 g salmon roe Sashimi grade tuna
  • 4 tablespoons Ikura (salmon roe)
  • 10 Sashimi grade shrimp (amaebi)
  • 10 Shiso leaves (Ooba)
  • 1 green onion/scallion
  • 1 lemon
  • Kaiware radish sprouts (for garnish)
  • A peeler (to make long thin cucumber strips)
  • 1 round cookie cutter (we used 1¾ inch/4.5 cm diameter)

1. Gather all the ingredients.

2. Slice the cucumber with the peeler to make long thin strips.

3. Place shiso leaves on a serving platter and put the cookie cutter on top of a shiso leaf. Stuff sushi rice into the cookie cutter about half way and remove the cutter gently.
Roll the sushi cylinder with one strip of cucumber slice to measure the circumference of the circle.

4. Make slits at the end of cucumber slice with a knife as you see below. Now you can interlock the strip around the rice.

5. Fill in the cucumber wrapped sushi with your favorite toppings.
We diced tuna and lightly marinade the tuna with scallion, soy sauce and sesame oil.
Place the tuna mixture in your cucumber sushi cup.

6. For shrimp (amaebi), place a couple pieces from outer edges to center in the cucumber cup, so it looks like a flower.

7. Slice the sashimi-grade fish perpendicular to the muscle (the white line you see in the fish) and place a few slices in the cucumber cup.

8. Garnish with lemon and Daikon radish sprouts.
Enjoy and serve immediately.


The amount of ingredients are a rough estimate.



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