One of our favorites! That's why we just have to share this Lentil Curry from De Hippe Vegetarier with you, even though summertime is just around the corner.



Simple and a total  crowd pleaser

One of our favorites! That’s why we just have to share this Lentil Curry with you, even though summertime is just around the corner.

Curry’s are loved by many people because, most of the time, it’s healthy and really a never disappointing meal. They are also very easy to prepare. We know, some people might get intimidated from the list of herbs that are used in an Indian curry recipe. But the trick is to buy the necessary herbs in one time and then you can make all kinds of recipes. Or you can use a store-bought herb mix like the one that is used in this recipe.

This Indian Lentil Curry is vegetarian, healthy and delicious. Lentils contain a lot of protein, which makes them a perfect meat substitute. Let’s introduce some meatless Mondays to our lives. We listed lentils nutrition down below.

What are lentils?

Lentils are inexpensive, highly nutritious, and you can totally store them for a long time without refrigeration. They look small, round and lens-shaped. A legume that comes in many colors and sizes. Colors range from red to green, yellow, brown, and even black. These features have made lentils a true staple food in many cultures worldwide.

Besides the fact that they are indispensable in this beloved dish, they come with a lot of perks for your health and body and happiness in the kitchen. We listed  a few of lentils benefits:

*This small legume is a great natural source of folate (Vitamin B9) and magnesium. Folate is one of the B vitamins that you need for the formation of red and white blood cells in the bone marrow (this is the spongy tissue inside some of the bones in your body like the hip and thigh bones) Whut? You basically need healthy bone marrow and blood cells in order to live. Folate is also needed for the conversion of carbs into your much-needed energy and the production of DNA and RNA.

The right amount of your folate intake is very important during periods of rapid growth such as adolescence, infancy, and pregnancy.

*Evidence and health studies show that lentils protect your heart health.

*They are a nutritious ingredient that you can make endless recipe combinations with and very easy to prepare.

Doesn’t just looking at the picture of this Indian curry, makes your mouth water? Even though it’s morning, it can totally be an odd but amazing breakfast choice!

Lentils are highly nutritious, rich in protein, fiber, and minerals.

3.5 oz / 100 g cooked lentils contains:

9.02 g protein | 7.9 g fiber | 0.3 g fat | 20.13 g carbs | 1.8 g sugar | 116 calories

36% iron | 70% manganese | 45% folate | 28% phosphorus | 58% thiamin | 14% potassium | 127% vitamin B6

This is an easy to make, hearty and satisfying Indian curry with rich aromatic spices, and coconut milk. If you like your curry on the spicy side, you can add some extra chili to the Maggi mixture.

We love the simplicity of this lentil curry recipe, and that it holds up well. Believe it or not, it gets even better the next day! Hence, the breakfast comment. That is what makes this vegan lentil curry the perfect make-ahead meal.

Whenever you’re hungry for inspiration in more meat-less recipes simply get it here.


2 - 3 servings

1 sachet Maggi Day without meat Indian lentilcurry

7 oz / 200 g cauliflower florets

7 oz / 200 g carrot

1 onion - diced

3 spring onion - slices in rings

1 (7 oz /200 g) sachet of lentils

200 ml coconut milk

5.3 oz / 150 g basmati rice

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 twigs cilantro - coarsely chopped

3 slices of lime


  1. Prepare all ingredients according to the ingredient list.

  2. In a big frying pan, heat up oil and stir-fry carrot, onion,  and cauliflower until golden brown. Add the spice mix and stir until you smell the spices.

  3. Add coconut milk, close the lid and let it simmer for 5 min.

  4. Take off lid and add lentils. Let it simmer for 3 min. Stir a few times.

  5. In the meantime cook the rice according to instructions on the package. Because of the spice mix, you don't have to add extra salt.

  6. Spoon the rice in you cauliflower-coconut mixture. Add spring onion and let it cook for 1 min.

  7. Serve with cilantro and a part of lime


We’re excited we can share this Indian Lentil Curry recipe with you! From De Hippe Vegetariër founded by Isabel Boerdam.

Isabel (28) has been a vegetarian since she was nine years old. In 2013 she started her popular foodblog De Hippe Vegetariër (The Trendy Vegetarian) and three years later published her book with the same name. In the meantime, Isabel has been able to turn her passion into her work and, as a vegetarian food expert, advises companies on how they can respond to the flexitarian trend. This year, Isabel launched the successful first edition of the National Week Zonder Vlees which became the start of a real movement in the Netherlands.



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