Leek, potato and minced beef bake

I’m craving for it

The recipe that I’m sharing today is a typical Dutch dish, one that my mother always used to make when I was little.

We all know it’s a sizzling summer, but that didn’t stop me from making this meal that is actually the perfect go-to dish for those cold winter nights. You know the feeling that you’re caving something so bad you can almost taste it? Hence this mouthwatering leek, potato and minced beef bake.

Despite all the nostalgic feelings I still wanted to give this recipe a twist of my own. I used sweet potato slices instead of mashed potato, omitted the cheese and replaced the cream with coconut milk.

As you can see, I didn’t have a saucepan that was big enough for the leek and beef. A wok will do just fine.

This bake is best eaten straight from the oven, enjoy!


  • Leek, potato and minced beef bake
  • Leek, potato and minced beef bake


3 - 4 servings

26.5 oz / 750 g precooked potato slices, storebought or home made*

14 oz / 400 g miced beef

18 0z / 500 g leeks, prei, slice open lengthwise, wash thoroughly and finely slice

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 beef broth tablet

1 big tablespoon curry madras or mild curry

200 ml cream, sour cream or coconutmilk

1 egg


ovenproof casserole or baking dish


  1. Grease a casserole dish and pre-heat oven to 430 °F / 220° C

  2. In a large saucepan, heat up some oil over medium heat. Sweat leeks with the garlic for 6 minutes until softened, then add the beef, stock and curry and increase the heat, browning it well all over. Then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes.

  3. Divide half of the potato slices over the bottom of the casserole dish and layer the leek beef mixture over it. and top it of with the rest of the potato slices.

  4. Beat the cream with the egg and season with salt and pepper. Pour this mixture over the potato slices and bake in the over 20 - 25 min.


*Boil potatoes in the skin in lightly salted water until they are done. Depending on the size, about 15 – 25 min. Peel them and cut in slices.


Once the dish has cooled completely, transfer to an airtight, freezer-safe container, freeze for up to 1-3 months. To serve, defrost thoroughly in the fridge overnight before reheating. Loosely cover with foil and bake until dish is thoroughly heated through. Reheat until piping hot.

Prep time 20 min    |    Cooktime 25 min    |    Total time 45 min



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