Salted caramel brownie triffle

Treat day

We’ve got to treat ourselves every now and then to make it easier to stay on those healthy choices te rest of the days.

This enticing salted caramel brownie triffle definitely satisfies all of your sweet tooth cravings.

A creamy cloud of whipped cream with pieces of freshly baked doughy brownie with a drizzle of salted caramel, topped with some amazing caramel – mascarpone sauce, finished with some more pieces of brownie with a few delicious spoons of whipped cream. Tell me you don’t want to dig your spoon into those layers of goodness!

  • Salted caramel brownie triffle
  • Salted caramel brownie triffle


4 servings

ready to make brownie mix

30g / 1oz butter

250g / 9oz fudge cubes

1 teaspoon seasalt

150g / 5 oz mascarpone

240g / 8 oz whipped cream

20g / 1 oz sugar


4 small dessert glasses


  1. Prepare the brownies according to the instructions on the package. Let the brownies cool completely.

  2. Heat 180 ml / 6 floz of whipped cream in a pan, add 220 g / 8 oz of caramel fudge and the salt and let it melt. Set aside. Finely chop the remaining fudge and keep aside.

  3. Let it cool slightly. Then mix half of the caramel sauce with the mascarpone and beat well. Keep the other half of the caramel sauce aside.

  4. Beat the rest of the cream with the sugar. Cut the cooled brownies into small cubes.

  5. Time to build your trifle. Start with a layer of whipped cream, then some pieces of brownie, then a layer of caramel sauce, then a layer of caramel-mascarpone, then some brownies, then some caramel, another layer of brownie and finish with some final spoons of whipped cream.



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